To explain the principle of "Augmented Human Intelligence", let's make a parallel with Artificial Intelligence. It exists several form of Artificial Intelligence, for this example, let's take Neural Networks ones.

Neural Network can take several shapes, almost, all composed of input layer, output layer and, in the middle intermediate layers. The learning phase consist of weighting every "connection" to reach the desired output value(s) from a set of input values.

AI works because it learns from "big" database. For example, learn how to recognize a dog request several thousand of dog pictures. But this approach have limit : when AI learn how to recognize a dog and a wolf, it learn that the background is one of the most important parameter. A wolf is still photograph on a white or green background... 

Moreover, when we are trying to engineering design something new by construction, we have NO database. So AI cannot be applied as it is currently.

The Augmented Human Intelligence is the capitalization of engineering know-how leading to built the missing database to learn and thus to provide the missing gap in the value chain.

Geeglee® is the capitalization of know-how from your experts

Geeglee® catch know-how coming from your colleague, your experts... it's a way to capture the value of your company.

We have all patterns in mind, we never do something as total fluke. 

The above graph show an example of know-how capitalize into Geeglee. The blue bubble represents input layers as the yellow ones represent way of think up to the last one that representing the objective.

Why patterns of know-how is such powerful?

Patterns are commun between several System of Interest.

How to use Geeglee to built such patterns?

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