Does Geeglee is a MDO software?

No, Geeglee is not a Multi-Disciplinary Optimization software.

Geeglee has not limit? What it CANNOT does?

Geeglee is limited, it CANNOT model everything.

How to save money, reduce risk quickly with Geeglee?


What are the steps to deploy Geeglee?


Does Geeglee make much more than just automatic pattern?

  • 3 sous étapes :

    • Définir le PB

    • Structurer clairement

    • Répondre like a pro (être écouter)

  • Bon schéma :

    • Connect

      • Situation

      • Complication

    • Resolution

    • Call to action

  • L’histoire en 3 actes

    • Mon ordinaire

    • Mon extraordinaire (suite au call to adventure : le monde a changer)

      • Le héro appelle à justifier non, argumenter pour ne pas faire l’appel à l’aventure

      • Rencontre avec le mentor. Battage de cul, et finalement, il y va.

      • R2D2, ... sont là pour poser des questions betes que ne pose pas le héro

    • Retour dans le monde ordinaire

Yes, Geeglee

Does Geeglee will replace engineers?

Geeglee is not more clever than engineers. it does not find solutions on internet or whatever solution we an imagine. Geeglee has been made to support engineers and design team in their exploration of solution (problem solving) regarding a need (problem settings). It avoid to miss a good solution by missing time and engineering ressources

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