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Technical strategy definition for future automotive batteries


We enabled our customer to explore thousands of potential battery architectures and understand the value drivers. With Geeglee®, they were able to select the right set of elementary battery cells and modules in order to propose, for each market segment, a battery architecture  that would meet stringent requirements in terms of performance (power, autonomy, volume, safety,…) as well as cost (purchase cost, manufacturing cost, …).

Productline optimization and roadmap definition for the next generation instrumentation & control platform


We enabled our customer to identify the best technology alternatives for their futureplatform generation so as to optimize the technical and economic performance for the whole spectrum of market needs. We also helped them to define a development roadmap that met their ambitious time-to-market goals. 

Architecture selection and roadmap definition for the next generation of nuclear reactors


Geeglee® provided a decision-making platform which enabled to select optimal architectures for next generation reactors. The design team was able to take into account the points of view of all stakeholders (regulation authorities, power plant operator, governmental research institutions, …). We considered time-to-market constraints and identified high potential architectures in the short, medium, and long terms.

Architecture selection

We helped our customer to explore the combinatorial space for the design of an innovative oil-drilling system for harsh operating environments. We enhanced their complex design process, which involved multiple interfaces and design stakeholders. With the Geeglee® methodology, the design team was able to predict the main design challenges and identify necessary tradeoffs, thus minimizing the risks for the next development stages.  

Technology infusion and architecture selection

for an innovative railway system


Geeglee® helped our customer to optimize the architecture of their signalling control system and revise their technology portfolio, with an emphasis on reducing the whole life-cycle costs (including operation and maintenance costs) as well as their time-to-market performance. 

Architecture selection for an innovative electric parking brake

We enabled a tier1 manufacturer in the automotive industry to optimize the architecture of a new electric parking brake. Thanks to the Geeglee® platform, our customer was able to select an architecture that was competitive for all types of car manufacturers, in terms of performance, cost, and time-to-market. Geeglee® thus enabled the customer to perform trade-offs between the development budget and the achievable performance.

Architecture selection and product line optimization for a data center


We implemented Geeglee® to identify the optimal architecture for a data center. The system needed to respond to a wide spectrum of functional needs, while responding to stringent requirements related to volume allocation and cybersecurity constraints. The Geeglee® platform enabled the design team to specify a data center architecture that could remain optimal across a diverse range of potential defense applications (embedded systems, mission control rooms, …). 

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