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What is behind Geeglee?

What is Augmented Human Intelligence?

How does Geeglee work?

Geeglee Engineering Pattern

Geeglee Engineering Intelligence

Model what you want to achieve: define the perimeter of your problem setting &

the scope of your engineering/innovation

Navigate through your Design Space

with Geeglee Engineering Intelligence dashboards

If you use Excel, you can use Geeglee. It's as simple as that! A.G.

Geeglee is compliant with normes and architecting methodologies:

15288: System Engineering
42010: System Architecture

Who do we work with?





Customer testimonials

"At first, I did not know how to integrate your solution. Now, I regret not having known you two years sooner!"

Our partner helps you to implement Geeglee for your projects


Where Geeglee is taught?

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