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In 2017, Geeglee® decides to create an Industrial and Scientific Board composed of academic leaders and representatives of leading industrial players in the area of design engineering. The purpose of this board is to look at the alignment and the soundness of the scientific objectives with regards to the industrial development of the Geeglee® company.

In 2019, Geeglee® decides to create an Advisory Board composed of key business people able to keep going in the scale up of the company. It will feed Geeglee®’s strategic vision with a shared insight of potential applications of high value for the whole market.

Members of the Industrial and Scientific Board

by alphabetical order

Ph. D. Marija JANKOVIC

Associate Professor at CentraleSupélec


Her research focus on Engineering Design, Complex Engineered Systems, System Architecture Design and Research methods & protocols.

  • She is the coordinators of the Research and Innovation group at INCOSE French Chapter (AFIS - Association Française de l’Ingenierie Système).

  • She is Director for Master Studies in Engineering Design and Management at CentraleSupélec.

She has published 23 journal papers, 2 editorials, more then 45 peer-reviewed conference papers, and 1 book chapter.

Philippe TANNERY

Transformation Director (I&C Business Unit) at FRAMATOME


Graduate from Ecole Polytechnique, ENSTA and MIT, 

Ph. D. Jean-Luc WIPPLER

System Engineering Process & Methods Leader at Thales Group


Since more than 20 years, he is involve in the system design of many complex systems. He has mainly participated as a system architect in various projects in the field of Earth Observation or Satellite Navigation space based systems, and also contributed to systems engineering in the air-traffic control, medical and automobile fields.

Graduated from SUPELEC, he teaches systems engineering at ISAE and CentraleSupélec.

He is co-author of “Complex Systems and Systems of Systems Engineering”.

Pr. Bernard YANNOU

Director of the Industrial Engineering Research Department at CentraleSupélec

He has conducted research for all the major industrial players on design automation, design management / methodologies / new product development, value and user centered design, artificial intelligence and computers in design, system thinking and engineering, design under uncertainty, decision-based design, innovation engineering, sustainable design and industrial ecology, and multidisciplinary design optimization.


He is the author or co-author of more than 300 papers with review committee, including 60 journal papers.

He coordinated 8 books on product design and innovation.

Members of the Advisory Board

by alphabetical order

Ph. D. Marija JANKOVIC

Associate Professor at CentraleSupélec


Luc Julia ?

Olivier EZRATTI ?



+ ?

Operational Advisor

by alphabetical order

Ph. D. Marija JANKOVIC

Associate Professor at CentraleSupélec


Pierre-Yves REVILLARD ?



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