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EcoStart-Up Geeglee® 
Provide connections between start-ups and industries

More and more industries use Geeglee® as a tooled-aided method to model their "way-of-thinking" in architecting phase. They create patterns to be very efficient while analysing the design space, the impact of a change in needs, the impact of competitors, new products, and the emergence of new technologies.

As projects become ever more fast-paced, so does competition and emerging technologies. Those can challenge our architecture and key engineering decisions, and may even lead to the project's failure, if not taken into consideration.

For these reasons, we, at Geeglee, decided to create "EcoStart-Up".


All engineers understand the benefits of testing promising technologies and breakthrough ideas to evaluate the best tradeoffs for the best product or service. 

However, testing means modeling... and as we all know, projects are given tighter ressources and schedules, leaving little space for extensive modeling and testing. How frustrating for engineers!

That is why, since February 2020, Geeglee propose off-the-shelf patterns defined in collaboration with technological start-ups, which can then be interfaced to bigger models.

Benefits for Start-ups: 
Provide fast and costless testing of your technologies while
addressing a larger market

Eco Short.png

"EcoStart-up" principles with the Equium example

How does it work? Products from technological start-ups are modeled as functional blackboxes, which are then integrated into Geeglee's portfolio. Geeglee's users can then integrate this model in their own pattern (and thus test and assess the benefits of the technology in their project).

Values for industries: 
Assess the advantages of integrating an emerging technology into your systems

Geeglee is NOT taking any participation in start-ups modeled into Geeglee.
As a software company, Geeglee is looking to provide the best value to its customers.

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