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Human Resources

The skills and potential of your employees on a platform to build the best project teams!

Define the best team for your projects by taking into account the softskills, the operating channels and the skills available internally or externally in your company


Unleash the potential of your employees!

Valued talents

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Exceeded objectives

Over-performing teams

Become a better team, together

Behavioral Intelligence (MPF Paris) associated with Augmented Human Intelligence (Geeglee) allows you to explore all possible combinations of talents and potential of your collaborators to build the best project team, all to achieve the set objectives.

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Quick and easy to set up

1. Your employees answer the questions of the Behavioral Intelligence Tool (MPF Paris),

2. You find their profile and associated information directly in your Geeglee platform of human resources support,

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Integrates expert know-how

Your Geeglee HR support platform is powered by the expert know-how of the professionals of the reference firm MPF Paris. The results of their Behavioral Intelligence algorithm are also integrated. 

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Within everyone's reach!

No training is required to benefit from the power of your Geeglee HR support platform.


Download our demo and try it with a test case!

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How does your Geeglee HR support platform transform your company's teams and projects?


Best knowledge of employees

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Identification of risks and incompatibilities


Exploring compatibilities: corporate talent vs future employees


Real-time and unlimited analysis

The platform for leading teams to meet your business challenges and exceed your objectives

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Try it out!
No credit card needed

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