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The New Standard
in No Data Analysis:
the Augmented Human Intelligence

Use your know-how and no data to reach your goal: a full view of the decision space

Be confident in the know-how of your team/experts:
ask for Augmented Human Intelligence, the fully explainable AI!

Artificial Intelligence is useful for non-critical decisions and when data is available.

When not or in critical decision to engage life or company success, a non-explainable AI is a risky path to success. 

Why Augmented Human Intelligence is the missing value chain in Artificial Intelligence?

Real Artificial Intelligence does not exist, data scientists are still manipulating data to facilitate the learning of AI network... So AI is, today, a little of human and a lot of learning. This approach leads to demonstrate things that human already know very well as gravity for instance!

Luc JULIA, engineer and computer scientist

Artificial intelligence needs databases to learn how Human thinks, so it requires a lot of consistent data.

Augmented Human Intelligence (AHI) is the missing value chain in the state-of-the-art AI approach.


AHI leads to capitalize the know-how of your team and experts to reuse it in large scale and, if needed, to integrate it in regular AI leading to a cleaver AI efficiency.


Moreover, AHI is the only way to do while no data exist: new technologies, innovative solutions or weak databases in particular.

Augmented Human Intelligence is not only easy to use. It's also a cost-effective solution


Capitalize experts know-how is as easy as to fill an excel file in natural language. 


The human brain is not able to do complex things, its efficient way to work, is reached by making a series of simple operations.


Augmented Human Intelligence aims to capitalize, step-by-step, all the brain patterns as, for instance: 

"Total Cost of  Ownership = CAPEX + OPEX".

Then the software understands that a tradeoff between these parameters must be optimized.


Thanks to the core algorithm of Geeglee, the solution does not require any GPU solution that leads to a cost expensive hardware acquisition of complex systems.

Our customers

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