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/TRAINING/ Learn Augmented Human Intelligence & POC it in your projects !

3 months Geeglee license FREE

The "Fast and Smart" program has been developed to give you the opportunity to quickly and efficiently test the potential of Augmented Human Intelligence through one of your projects.



Thanks to the "Fast & Smart" program you:

  • discover how to capitalize and automate intellectual processes,

  • master Augmented Human Intelligence applied to engineering, systems engineering (IS), MBSE and digital transformation,

  • take control of the Geeglee software suite (Geeglee Pattern and Geeglee Intelligence) via a concrete case,

  • quickly initiate a demonstrator from one of your projects,



The "Fast and Smart" program is composed as follows:

  • 1 day of learning (inter-company training),

  • 1 day of personalized support,

  • 3 months of access to the Geeglee tool suite,

  • 1 day of learning about Augmented Human Intelligence and training on Geeglee tools (inter-company training),

    • Handling of the Geeglee tool suite from a simple practical case,

    • Presentation of HIA's contributions to engineering, systems engineering (SI), MBSE and digitalization.

    • Sharing of experience between participants,

  • 1 day of support, to be scheduled at your convenience, from one of your modeling experts to initiate the demonstrator (POC) based on the project/workshop of your choice,

    • Presentation of your study subject,

    • Exchange with a Geeglee expert,

    • Modeling with Geeglee Pattern,

    • Exploration with Geeglee Intelligence

    • Preliminary analysis

  • 3 months of access to the Geeglee tool suite to enrich your demonstrator and present it within your company,



The "Fast & Smart" program is :

  • face-to-face and remote,

  • provided by Geeglee experts,

  • eligible for the Personal Training Account (PTA),



Next sessions of the inter-company learning day:

  • May 3 (Nantes) - SOLD OUT

  • May 10 afternoon & 11 morning (Toulouse)

  • May 12 (Paris) - SOLD OUT

  • May 19 afternoon & May 20 morning (Lyon) - SOLD OUT

  • June 2 (Marseille) - SOLD OUT

  • June 9 (Paris) - SOLD OUT

  • June 14 (Nice) - SOLD OUT

  • June 15 (Marseille) - SOLD OUT

  • June 16 (Lyon) - SOLD OUT

  • June 22 (Nantes)

  • July 1 (Toulouse)

  • September 22 (Location under review)

  • September 27 (Location under review)

  • September 29 (Location under review)

  • October 4 (Location under review)

  • October 6 (Location under review)



2 240€ HT

1 day of training + 1 day of coaching + 3 months of Geeglee license FREE

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